Bodypro50 is a new natural body therapy dedicated to the health and wellness within the sport, fitness and health industries. These advanced and unique products fuse science and nature to revive the vitality of your body. Natural essential oils and plant extracts are used in Provence Cosmetics formulas to enhance your well-being and health. Bodypro50 is great for body therapy, pain relief, exercise/training, stress release & for enhancing well-being.. 


The Bodypro50 products are Ice Flow Gel, Harpago Gel and Arnica Gel. Each of these products can be used on their own or in conjunction with one another for even greater relief.

The Bodypro50 products are ideal for anyone who is doing any form of physical activity – whether it's an occasional trip to the gym or you’re in the gym every day, whether you play sports occasionally or you’re a professional sports person or athlete.
In fact anyone who has general muscle aches and pains, fatigue, poor circulation, inflamation, joint pain, bruising, lactic acid build up or suffers from tired heavy legs will feel the benefit of the BodyPro50 range.
They are ideal tools for massage therapists, personal and professional trainers, chiropractors, dance and fitness instructors…. etc